Research Techniques

Efficient, successful and future-oriented research depends on the availability of and access to the most suitable and advanced technologies.
In addition, we offer our members the opportunity to participate in courses offered by the Core Facilities. The central goal of the Core Facilities of the Faculty of Medicine is to enable scientists to conduct research efficiently and with the most appropriate and advanced technologies.

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All research groups

Neuronal input-output computation during cognition
Computational Neuroethology
Molecular and Cellular Cognition
Cellular Mechanism of Cognition
HEAD of Teaching Committee & Neuroimmunology and Imaging
Advanced adaptive optics for single-cell psychophysics
Behavior and Brain Organization
Functional Diversity of Neural Circuits
Lichtenberg Professor of Cognitive and Clinical Neurophysiology
Investigating myelination in-vivo
Neurovascular Diseases
Differential and Biological Psychology & Center for Economics and Neuroscience
Neurobiology of flight control
Synapse function, diversity and plasticity
Neural Information Flow
Functional Neuroconnectomics
Institute of Physiology II
Institute of Cellular Neurosciences
VICE-SPEAKER of BIGS Neuroscience & Dynamics of neuronal circuit
Center for Economics and Neuroscience AND Neurocognition & Imaging
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