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The BIGS Neuroscience Summer School provides a systematic and comprehensive introduction to key neuroscience topics for first-year doctoral students from a variety of neuroscience related fields, including biology, psychology, medicine, physics and computer science. Our goal is to familiarize BIGS Neuroscience PhD students with current research topics and methods at an early stage of their careers. The summer school is structured in a series of lectures covering topics such as stem cell biology and developmental neuroscience, neuronal cell biology and genetics, neuronal function, diseases of the nervous system, population studies and computational neuroscience. To gain hands-on experience on these topics, the lectures are complemented by visits to the research labs of the participating principal investigators.

Next BIGS Neuroscience Summer School will take place on June 15-24, 2020.

German Center of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Venusberg-Campus 1, 53127 Bonn

Summer School Organizer
Gaia Tavosanis, German Center of Neurodegenerative Diseases

BIGS Neuroscience
Paunica Giesler & Dr. Anne Boehlen
Venusberg-Campus 1, 53127 Bonn
Tel: +49 (0) 228 287 15969
email: or

All morning lectures are also open to BIGS Clinical and Population Science members, IMPRS for Brain and Behaviour PhD students, and DZNE scientists. Afternoon lab visits are restricted to 1st year BIGS Neuroscience doctoral students.

Program will become available here as soon as possible.

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List of participating Bonn neuroscience groups in 2019
A detailed description of all participating groups will become available soon.

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