Master Neuroscience

(Optional) Additional Courses in Basic Neuroscience
We are excited to announce the availability of supplementary lectures and seminars as part of the Master of Neurosciences program, tailored for students without a background in Neuroscience. PWhile students are welcome to participate in lectures from modules such as Neuromorphology, Neurophysiology, Molecular Neurobiology, and Statistics, please note that involvement in the practical components of these modules is not permitted  If you intend to attend a module, kindly notify the respective lecturer in advance and inquire about the venue for the course.

Master Neuroscience program
The Master of Neurosciences program at the University
of Bonn is a two-year, research-oriented international study program.
Taught entirely in English, the curriculum is structured into modules,
encompassing a blend of courses, lectures, seminars, and laboratory
work. The primary aim of the Master of Science in Neurosciences program
is to equip talented students with the skills necessary to excel in the
rapidly evolving field of Neuroscience. Upon successful completion of
the program, graduates will possess the proficiency to pursue
groundbreaking research and embark on careers in a diverse range of
medical and biological disciplines. This program welcomes both domestic
and international students who hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the
life sciences, including but not limited to Biology, Neurosciences,
Medicine, Psychology, Biochemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, or
related fields.

The graduate program BIGS Neuroscience collaborates closely with the master’s degree program „Neurosciences,“ offered jointly by the Medical Faculty in partnership with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

BIGS Neuroscience offers a structured curriculum that complements the Master’s Program in Neurosciences, providing Master’s students with exceptional opportunities to further their scientific qualifications in Bonn. Even during their studies in the Master’s in Neuroscience, interested students are warmly invited and encouraged to participate in either the Bonn Brain3 meeting or the BIGS Neuroscience Student Symposium. These events offer valuable networking opportunities with neuroscientists and doctoral students in Bonn. Participation in both events is free of charge for Master’s students in Bonn.

 If you seek additional information about the Master’s Program or wish to apply for the next class, please visit the Master Program Neuroscience website. For specific inquiries regarding the eligibility of your current degree for application to the Master’s Program in Bonn, please direct your questions to the M.Sc. Neuroscience coordination office. Additionally, we encourage you to explore the FAQ section to see if your question has already been addressed, or visit the „Entry Requirements and Admission“ page on our website for further information.

Dr. Silke Künzel
Coordination – M.Sc. Program
Institute of Cellular Neurosciences
University of Bonn, Medical School
Building 81, Ground Floor. Room 065
Venusberg-Campus 1, 53105 Bonn, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 228 287-11837
Email: neurosciences (at)

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