Prof. Dr. Martin Reuter

Group Leader
Differential and Biological Psychology & Center for Economics and Neuroscience
Department of Psychology
University of Bonn
Kaiser-Karl-Ring 9
53111 Bonn, Germany
Phone: +49 228 73 4399
Email: martin.reuter(at)

Research Focus

Psychobiological aspects of personality:

Based on twin and adoption studies that demonstrated the high heritability of temperamental and character traits, we investigate the molecular genetic basis of personality traits. The central goal is to identify those gene loci that are responsible for the variability in temperament and character traits. Questionnaire self-report data are complemented by objective tests targeting endophenotypes of behavior. For example, psychophysiological methods and structural/functional imaging are used to map differences in the structure and activity of the brain that are dependent on certain genotype configurations, which in turn reflect personality differences.
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