Prof. Dr. Albert Becker

Group Leader
Translational Epilepsy Research
Department of Neuropathology
University of Bonn Medical Center
Venusberg-Campus 1
53105 Bonn, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 228 287 11352
Email: albert_becker(at)

Research Focus

We have an overarching research interest in the major scientific interests of our group focus on the neuropathological basis of epilepsies. Seizures frequently initiate in circumscribed areas of the brain. Many respectives patients are pharmacoresistant. By neurosurgical removal of the epileptogenic focus, seizures can often be controlled. Respective neurosurgical biopsies represent a unique prerequisite for molecular pathological approaches in order to provide an improved understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis to develop novel treatment strategies. Complementarily, we are using model systems of different complexity to gain insights in epileptogenesis, i.e. brain tissue reorganization after a transient insult that finally leads to a spontaneously epileptic focus. We have major research foci on acquired ion channelopathies in epileptogenesis, their underlying transcriptional control mechanisms and the role of ‘epileptic neurons’ as pacemakers of aberrant network synchronization. We further concentrate on the impact of aberrant microglia to neuron signalling in converting neuronal cells epileptic.
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