Disorders of the Nervous System

Aging and Neurodegeneration
Neuronal input-output computation during cognition
Translational Epilepsy Research
Molecular Immunology in Neurodegeneration
SPEAKER of BIGS Neuroscience & Neurodevelopmental Genetics
Axon Growth and Regeneration
Reconstructive Neurobiology
Degenerative Retinal Diseases
Molecular and Cellular Cognition
Cellular Mechanism of Cognition
Institute of Physiology I
HEAD of Teaching Committee & Neuroimmunology and Imaging
Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Microglia and Neuroinflammation
Synaptic neuron-glia interactions
Functional Diversity of Neural Circuits
Division of Neurochemistry
Tau pathology in neurodegenerative diseases
Developmental Biology of the Immune System
Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry
Lichtenberg Professor of Cognitive and Clinical Neurophysiology
Investigating myelination in-vivo
Neurovascular Diseases
Cellular signaling cascades, viral vectors, nano-medicine
Translational Dementia Research
Synapse function, diversity and plasticity
Institute of Physiology II
Institute of Cellular Neurosciences
Molecular Cell Biology
Center for Economics and Neuroscience AND Neurocognition & Imaging
Circuits of chronically epileptic seizures
Institute of Genetics
Institute of Molecular Psychiatry
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