Progress Report

The annual progress report is mandatory for all BIGS Neuroscience Ph.D. students

The Progress Report is a goal-oriented tool to help students reflect on their progress and better plan their future milestones, but also to prepare Ph.D. students for the defence in the best possible way. It also allows the advisory boards to evaluate the students‘ work and the direction they have taken with their research. It is in the interest of both students and PIs that the research emanating from the dissertation moves forward in a timely and well thought out manner. Therefore, BIGS Neuroscience would like Ph.D. students to meet with the advisory committee annually to ensure that the dissertation project is still on schedule and focused on dissertation-worthy work.

How to perform a Progress Report?
A purpose designed form has been developed to structure the discussion of the student’s research progress. In addition, this form provides a record student’s achievements to date and recommendations for future development. You can download the form as a WORD-file here or in our download area. Following the Progress Report, the completed and signed document has to be scanned and uploaded to our BIGS Neuroscience internal platform in the “Achievement” section.

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