Glia in Health & Disease 2020

The eighth conference on Glia in Health & Disease will take place as a virtual 4-day live meeting. 60 lectures will be held in 8 sessions.
More information about the format, pricing, registration available on the conference website.
Date: July 16-19, 2020



Nicola Allen, Salk Institute
David Lyons, University of Edinburgh, UK

Sessions & Co-Chairs:

Glial Development & Plasticity
Shai Shaham, Rockefeller University

Glial-Neuron Interactions in Glial Maturation
Sergiu Pasca, Stanford University
Benjamin Deneen, Baylor College of Medicine

Glial Regulation of Neuronal Function
Vassilis Pachnis, Francis Crick Institute, United Kingdom
Christian Klämbt, University of Muenster, Germany

Glial Responses in Injury, Disease, and Repair
Elly Hol, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Alison Lloyd, University College London, United Kingdom

Glial-Vasculature Interactions
Brian MacVicar, University of British Columbia, Canada
Jessica Filosa, Augusta University

Myelination in Neuronal Circuit Development and Plasticity
Kelly Monk, Vollum Institute
Ragnhildur Thóra Káradóttir, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Glial-Glial Interactions
Dorothy Schafer, University of Massachusetts
Anna Molofsky, University of California, San Francisco

Glial Control of Circuits & Behavior
Misha Ahrens, Janelia Research Campus
Dwight Bergles, Johns Hopkins University

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