EuroCellNet Cost Training School on March 23-26

The online EuroCellNet Cost Training School on novel technologies for the study of astrocytes, astrocyte-neuron interactions and regeneration in neurological diseases will be held on March 23-26 at University of Gothenburg, Sweden and the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The training school aims to present novel techniques and recent discoveries including interdisciplinary approaches to study cellular networks in CNS diseases for better understanding of disease pathogenesis. We are bringing together some of the most prominent scientists and teachers representing diverse and highly complementary fields and technologies. Please see the Preliminary program.

Please register by filling out this form: no later than March 5, 17.00 [CET]. The registration is free.

Kindly note that an important part of the registration is a short abstract of the poster that you plan to present, or of a short specification of the alignment of the profile of the lab that you are heading with the topic of the Training school (a single sentence is sufficient). Posters will be digitally presented and discussed using the Slack platform.

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