The University of Bonn is renown for it’s green and friendly vibe, with some fantastic homes available. For international students, it’s recommended to find a residence before moving to the region, as the demand at the start of the Winter and Summer Semesters can be high.

There are a number of resources available for house-hunting.

The University of Bonn has an excellent compilation of links to help in finding accomodation – Please feel free to visit this website, or alternatively this one.


The most widely used resources within Bonn for looking for flats include:


Enter the criterion you wish for (location, size, price, people), and contact the people! You will be surprised at how many interesting people and places you can come across.

Cost: Estimate €400 for living and €400-500 for monthly food/expenses – But this of course this depends on your lifestyle.


International Students with trouble in English or German can contact the Student Council for advice, in case you have any problems writing to prospective landlords or tenants.