Excellence Branch

The Excellence Branch of BIGS Neuroscience selects students based for their outstanding academic and scientific potential. Assignment to the Excellence Track is made upon admission to the graduate school by the Selection Committee based upon performance in the Selection Symposium. Students have the opportunity to apply to the Excellence Branch throughout their first year to accomodate those with a strong positive development during the initial thesis phase.

The Excellence Branch offers additional training to help students achieve their maximal academic and professional potential.

  • First Year Curriculum: The first year curriculum for the Excellence Branch was designed to ensure that students from all backgrounds have a comprehensive understanding of the foundational disciplines that contribute to Neuroscience. Each course of the First Year Curriculum is composed of 5-9 lectures, and culminates in a Final Exam.

Actual dates for the next course Molecular Biology

Students that are not part of the Excellence Branch can register for the courses of the First Year Curriculum, if space permits.