BIGS Lecture Series WS16/17

Attendance at 16 lectures per year is expected for all graduate school students. The lectures can be selected from the BIGS Lecture Series, the BONFOR Method Seminars, or the Bonn Neuroscience Lectures.

BIGS Neuroscience Lectures

PLEASE NOTE that the Lecture TIME and LOCATION has been changed
ime: Tuesday 4:00-5:30 pm
Place: Life & Brain, Ground Floor, Big Seminar Room, Venusberg

BONFOR Lectures

Time: Tuesday 09:00-10:00 am
Place: Institute for Pathology, Lecture Hall – Ground Floor, Venusberg
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Neurological diseases

Date Topic (2 SWS) Lecturer
24.10.2016 Imaging Core Facility (BONFOR)
Dr. Gabor Horvath
14.11.2016 Biobank Core Facility (BONFOR)
Dr. Astrid Luks
05.12.2016 Core Facility Transgenic Unit (BONFOR)
Dr. David-Marian Otte
15.12.2016 TBA (Thursday)
Prof. Dr. Dan Peterson
20.12.2016 Neuronal Polarization Prof. Dr. Frank Bradke
16.01.2017  Flow Cytometry Core Facility (BONFOR)
Dr. Elmar Endl
17.01.2017 Cortical developmet & brain organoids Dr. Julia Ladewig
24.01.2017 Development, function and dysfunction of the dopaminergic system  PD Dr. Sandra Blaess
 31.01.2017 Neuronal Autophagy in Health and Disease  PD Dr. Andreas Till