BIGS Lecture Series WS15-16

Attendance at 16 lectures per year is expected for all graduate school students. The lectures can be selected from the BIGS Lecture Series, the BONFOR Method Seminars, or the Bonn Neuroscience Lectures.

Time: Tuesday 5:30-7:00 pm
Place: Big lecture hall, lecture hall building in front of the dermatology, Venusberg

BONFOR place and time: See website


Neurological Diseases

Date Topic (2 SWS) Lecturer
29.10.2015 Core Facility Transgenic Unit (BONFOR) Dr. David-Marian Otte
26.11.2015 Next-Generation-Sequencing Platform (BONFOR) Dr. Kerstin U. Ludwig
Neuropathological aspects of brain tumors
Prof. Dr. Albert Becker
10.12.2015 Flow Cytometry Core Facility (BONFOR) Dr. Elmar Endl
14.01.2016 Imaging Core Facility (BONFOR) Ph.D. Gabor Horvath
19.01.2016 Fatal familial insomnia, mad cow disease, and other preculiar
prion diseases
Dr. Walker Jackson
 26.01.2016 The past, present, and future of Spinal Cord Injury research Dr. Andrea Tedeschi
02.02.2016 Alzheimer’s disease Dr. Annett Halle
09.02.2016 Mechanisms of human epilepsies Dr. Rainer Surges