BIGS Lecture Series WS14-15

Regular attendance of the lecture series is postulated for at least 16 seminars of each year of the PhD-thesis. The BONFOR-Method-Seminars Series is integrated.

Time: Tuesday 5:30-7:00 pm
Place: Big lecture hall, lecture hall building in front of the dermatology, Venusberg

BONFOR place and time: See website


Neural circuits

Date Topic (2 SWS) Lecturer
28.10.14 Dendritic computations Prof. Dr. Heinz Beck
06.11.14 BONFOR
11.11.14 -no lecture-
20.11.14 BONFOR
25.11.14 Connecting pre- and post-synapses Prof. Dr. Valentin Stein
02.12.14 Dendritic differentiation Dr. Gaia Tavosanis
11.12.14 BONFOR
16.12.14 Hippocampal interneurons in networks Prof. Dr. Stefan Remy
15.01.15 BONFOR
20.01.15 Olfactory circuits & behavior Dr. Martin Schwarz
27.01.15 Plasticity & Tenacity of Synapses Prof. Dr. Susanne Schoch McGovern