Professor Dr. Andreas Zimmer

Institute of Molecular Psychiatry
University of Bonn
Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25
D- 53127 Bonn

Phone +49  (0) 228 6885-300
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Curriculum vitae Professor Dr. Andreas Zimmer

Research Interests

Research in the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry aims to help solving one of the greatest challenges of biomedical research: understanding how the brain works and how psychiatric illnesses develop. At the focus of our research are molecules that modulate the interaction between the different cells of the central nervous system, which include neurons, glial and immune cells. Most brain disorders are caused by disturbances in brain cell communication or a loss of neurons. Both processes are often intertwined.

Research focus:

  • The endogenous cannabinoid system
  • Animal models for drug addiction
  • Aging research
  • Chronic pain
  • Neuro-immune interactions


  • Generation and behavorial phenotyping of genetically engineered mice
  • Mouse genetics
  • Molecular biology, expression profiling
  • Microsurgical interventions in mice
  • Histological methods
  • High-throughput genotyping

5 most important publications

1. Jenniches I, Ternes S, Albayram O, Otte DM, Bach K, Bindila L, Michel K, Lutz B, Bilkei-Gorzo A, Zimmer A. (2015) Anxiety, Stress, and Fear Response in Mice with Reduced Endocannabinoid Levels. Biol Psychiatry, 2015 Apr 14. pii: S0006-3223(15)00314-5. doi: 10.1016/j.biopsych.2015.03.033. [Epub ahead of print].

2. Schmöle AC, Lundt R, Ternes S, Albayram O, Ulas T, Schultze JL, Bano D, Nicotera P, Alferink J, Zimmer A. (2015) Cannabinoid receptor 2 deficiency results in reduced neuroinflammation in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model. Neurobiol Aging, 36: 710-719.

3. Di Marzo V, Stella A, Zimmer A. (2015) Endocannabinoid signaling and the deteriorating brain. Nature Rev Neurosci, 16(1): 30-42.

4. Bilkei-Gorzo A, Erk S, Schürmann B, Mauer D, Michel K, Boecker H, Scheef L, Walter H, Zimmer A. (2012) Dynorphins regulate fear memory: from mice to men. J Neurosci, 32(27): 9335-9343.

5. Albayram O, Alferink J, Pitsch J, Piyanova A, Neitzert K, Poppensieker K, Mauer D, Michel K, Legler A, Becker A, Monory K, Lutz B, Zimmer A, Bilkei-Gorzo A. (2011) Role of CB1 cannabinoid receptors on GABAergic neurons in brain aging. PNAS USA, 108(27): 11256-11261.