Professor Dr. Ilan Lampl

Department of Neurobiology
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot, Israel 76100

Phone +972 8-9343179
Fax: +972 8-9344131


Curriculum vitae Professor Dr. Ilan Lampl

Research Interests

The general aim of my research is aimed in revealing the mechanisms of spontaneous and evoked neuronal activities in cortical and subcortical networks of sensory systems. Using the vibrissa system of rodents, I investigate the way the rodent’s brain processes signals perceived by the whiskers, which serve as one of these animals’ primary means for gathering information about their environment. Using various techniques, including the in-vivo intracellular recordings, we studied the functional organization of this system. Several major projects in my lab focus on sensory adaptation, a process by which the response of the brain’s neurons to sensory stimuli is increased or decreased depending on the background level of stimulation. In this studies and others we also investigate how the balance between excitation and inhibition is affected by sensory stimulation and by shifts in brain activity, such as between awake and sleep states.


Our major method is the in-vivo intracellular recording technique which we use to investigate the intrinsic properties of neurons, record their excitatory and inhibitory synpatic inputs and to obtain a complete anatomical reconstruction of the recorded cells. We combine this method with extracellular recording methods and optogenetic tools to study the relations between the synaptic organization of neuronal circuits in the vibrissa system and their functional activities.