Professor Dr. Heinz Beck

Institute of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research
University of Bonn Medical Center | Life & Brain Center
Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25
D- 53175 Bonn
German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) Bonn
Sigmund-Freud-Str. 27
D- 53175 Bonn

Phone +49 (0) 228 6885-270/215
Fax +49 (0) 228 6885-294


Curriculum vitae Professor Dr. Heinz Beck

Research Interests

We have an overarching research interest in understanding the function of recurring motifs in the intricate brain circuitry, and how these give rise to complex functions in the intact brain. On the level of single neurons, we are interested in how the many thousands of excitatory inputs are integrated at neuronal dendrites, and how they interact with inhibitory and modulatory synaptic inputs.

Our group also has a strong track record investigating basic-mechanisms of epilepsy in animal models and tissue obtained from epilepsy surgery, and we are examining the network correlates of epilepsy, as well as the mechanisms of CNS drug actions on the network level, using the techniques descirbed.


To address these questions, we are using multiphoton uncaging of neurotransmitters combined with imaging and dual somatodendritic patch-clamp recordings. To better understand the function of specific inhibitory or modulatory motifs, we are making use of these approaches with in-vivoand in-vitro electrophysiology, imaging and behaviour.

5 most important publications

1. Kabanova A, Pabst M, Lorkowski M, Braganza O, Boehlen A, Nikbakht N, Pothmann L, Vaswani AR, Musgrove R, Di Monte DA, Sauvage M, Beck H, Blaess S. (2015) Function and developmental origin of a mesocortical inhibitory circuit. Nat Neurosci, 18(6): 872-82.

2. Dannenberg H, Pabst M, Schoch S, Schwarz M, Niediek J, Mormann F, Beck H. (2015) Direct vs. indirect effects of cholinergic septal neurons on hippocampal networks. J Neurosci, 35(22): 8394-410.

3. Pothmann L, Müller C, Averkin R, Bellistri E, Miklitz C, Uebachs M, Remy S, Menendez de la Prida L, Beck H. (2014) Function of inhibitory micronetworks is spared by Na+ channel acting anticonvulsant drugs. J Neurosci, 34(29): 9720-35.

4. Krüppel R, Remy S, Beck H. (2011) Dendritic integration in hippocampal dentate granule cells. Neuron, 71: 512-528.

5. Remy S, Csicsvari J, Beck H. (2009) Activity-dependent control of neuronal output by local and global dendritic spike attenuation. Neuron, 61: 906-916.