Professor Dr. Bernd Fleischmann

Institute of Physiology I
University of Bonn
Life & Brain Center
Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25
D- 53127 Bonn

Phone +49  (0) 228 6885-200
Fax +49  (0) 228 6885-201


Curriculum vitae Professor Dr. Bernd Fleischmann

Research Interests

Disorders of the cardiovascular system are the most frequent cause of death in the western hemisphere. Our group aims to deepen the physiological understanding of both, the developing and the diseased heart. Since pathologically altered cells can recapitulate gene expression and regulatory pathways of the early embryonic heart, we are currently deciphering the most essential physiological function i.e. initiation and regulation of the spontaneous activity. For this purpose molecular, cell biological and physiological techniques are combined with transgenic mouse and embryonic stem cell models. Our group is also interested in improving heart function after an irreversible loss of heart cells. For this purpose, we are currently evaluating the functional benefit of transplanting embryonic heart cells as well as embryonic- or adult stem cells into the infarcted mouse heart.


Ex vivo and in vivo analysis of the cardiovascular- and the pulmonary system, transgenic and KO-mouse technologies, adult and pluripotent stem cell technology, moelcular biology, cell biology, patch-clamp, Ca2+-imaging.

5 most important publications

1. Fleischmann BK, Murray RK, Kotlikoff MI. (1994) Voltage window for sustained elevation of cytosolic calcium in smooth muscle cells. PNAS USA, 91: 11914-11918.

2. Kolossov E, Bostani T, Roell W, Breitbach M, Pillekamp F, Nygren JM, Sasse P, Rubenchik O, Fries JWU, Wenzel D, Geisen C, Xia Y, Lu Z, Duan Y, Kettenhofen R, Jovinge S, Bloch W, Bohlen H, Welz A, Hescheler J, Jacobsen SE, Fleischmann BK. (2006) Engraftment of engineered ES cell-derived cardiomyocytes but not BM cells restores contractile function to the infarcted myocardium. J Exp Med 203: 2315-2327.

3. Roell W, Lewalter T, Sasse P, Tallini YN, Choi BR, Breitbach M, Doran R, Becher U, Hwang SM, Bostani T, von Maltzahn J, Hofmann A, Reining S, Doering B, Gabris B, Pfeifer A, Welz A, Willecke K, Salama G, Schrickel JW, Kotlikoff MI, Fleischmann BK. (2007). Engraftment of connexin43 expressing cells prevents post-infarct arrhythmia. Nature, 450(7171): 819-824.

4. Jesty SA, Steffey MA, Lee FK, Breitbach M, Hesse M, Reining S, Lee JC, Doran RM, Nikitin AY, Fleischmann BK*, Kotlikoff MI*. (2012) c-kit+ precursors support postinfarction myogenesis in the neonatal, but not adult, heart. PNAS USA, 109: 13380-13385. (*corresponding authors).

5. HesseM., Raulf A, Pilz GA, Haberlandt C, Klein A, Jabs R, Zaehres H, Fügemann C, Zimmermann K, Trebicka J, Welz A, Pfeifer A, Röll W, Kotlikoff MI, Steinhäuser C, Götz M, Schöler HR, Fleischmann BK. (2012) Direct visualization of cell division using high resolution imaging of M-phase of the cell cycle. Nature Communications, 3:1076.