Jun.-Professor Dr. Benjamin Odermatt

Anatomical Institute
University of Bonn, Medical School
Nussallee 10
53115 Bonn, Germany

Phone +49 (0) 228 73-9021


Curriculum vitae Jun.-Professor Dr. Benjamin Odermatt

Research Interest

We are interested in how initial myelination and re-myelination is organized in the central nervous system. We are using transgenic fluorescent zebrafish larvae reporter models to investigate inter- and intra-cellular communication of glial and neuronal cells involved in this process by in-vivo imaging. Recent special interests of our group are the involvement of GPRCs in myelination, the function of the fish specific myelin protein 36K as well as the general involvement of glutamate in the regulation and communication within the myelination process.


5 most important publications

1. Ralser DJ, Basmanav FB, Tafazzoli A, Wititsuwannakul J, Delker S, Danda S, Thiele H, Wolf S, Busch M, Pulimood SA, Altmüller J, Nürnberg P, Lacombe D, Hillen U, Wenzel J, Frank J, Odermatt B*, Betz RC*. (2017) Mutations in γ-secretase subunit-encoding PSENEN underlie Dowling-Degos disease associated with acne inversa. J Clin Invest., 127: 1485-1490.

2.Engerer P, Suzuki SC, Yoshimatsu T, Chapouton P, Obeng N, Odermatt B, Williams PR, Misgeld T, Godinho L. (2017) Uncoupling of neurogenesis and differentiation during retinal development. EMBO J., e201694230.

3. Söhl G, Hombach S, Degen J, Odermatt B. (2013) The oligodendroglial precursor cell line Oli-neu represents a cell culture system to examine functional expression of the mouse gap junction gene connexin29. Front Pharmacol 4: 83.

4. Nikolaev A, Leung K-M, Odermatt B, Lagnado L.(2013) Synaptic mechanisms of adaptation and sensitization in the retina. Nat Neurosci., 16: 934-941.

5. Odermatt B, Nikolaev A, Lagnado L (2012) Encoding of luminance and contrast by linear and non-linear synapses in the retina. Neuron, 73: 758-773.