BIGS Neuroscience Student Symposium 2016


We’re pleased to announce the 2016 BIGS Neuroscience Student Symposium!


Dates: 13th – 14th October 2016
Venue: Von-Gevore-Weg 10, 57368 Lennestadt


This symposium will be a great day for students to get feedback on their research, discover more about the different projects going on in Bonn and spark fiery scientific debates with other PhD students.

Alongside three keynote speakers, there will be posters and presentations (capped to 30 minutes) – and NEW this year, poster-presenting students participate in a “lightning” presentation contest.

For these lightning talks, presenters are strictly limited to a 5 minute time window and get judged on clarity, originality, creativity and conciseness in explaining their research and theory in basic terminology.

Both long-talks and short-talks will receive a prize – Compete for scientific creativity!

Detailed program