2nd Bonn Brain 3 Career Talks – The photos!

On Wednesday, 16.03.2016 from 14:00 to 18:00 at the caesar research center, Bonn, we had our 2nd Career Talks organized by the BIGS Neuroscience and Neuroscience Master student council at the Bonn Brain³ Meeting. Instead of listening to hour-long monologues, we discussed the possibilities for our future with international representatives from these fields:

Academic Teaching: Geert Ramakers – Utrecht University
Pharmaceutical Industry: Isabelle Niespodziany – UCB Pharma S.A.
Government: Marlies Dorlöchter – DLR Project Management Agency – Health Research
Start-ups: Peter Haug – Founding Angels
Scientific Journalism & Filmmaking: Pia Grzesiak – Grzesiak Films

We need to thank

  • our two moderator, Max and Steffi, who did a great job in guiding us through the relevant topics and questions
  • our speakers, who answered all our questions patiently and honestly. They gave us valuable insights into the possible career paths
  • the audience, who contributed to the great success by asking a lot of important questions

Hopefully, we helped most of them in finding some answers for their questions!

We are looking forward to next years Career Talks!